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ToonAlone believes that entertainment and music are part of society that will never disappear. ToonAlone strives to create as many as possible innovative concepts (products, services, interactions, experiences) by which artists are able to reach, entertain, and interact with their (potential and existing) fans.

ToonAlone wants to be a pioneer in the music industry by increasingly integrating the fans in the artists’ tours.

Due to strickt driver (times/workinghours) - regulations.

  • Max spreadover a day 13 hrs or 15 if a clear 3 hour rest during day with a bunk available (split spreadover)If two drivers wholly from beginning of shift to end of shift then 21 hr spreadover is allowed.
  • Max driving 9 hours (10 hours twice a week)
  • Min daily rest is 11 hours. Reduced to 9 hrs 3 times a week or 9 hours if a split spreadover (see above).
  • Driver can not exceed 6 x 24 hour shifts (144 hours) without taking a 45 hour break. This can be reduced to 24 hours once every three weeks with compensation by end of week 4.

So a classical on tour stretch between two gigs should not exceed 400 miles/650km

ToonAlone is an innovator within the music industry, who continuously creates new forms of interaction between performing artists and their fans.

Drivers and owner of transport firm jailed for tachograph offences

Mark Howdon, Director and Transport Manager of Throckley, Tyne & Wear-based hauliers MM Howdon Ltd, were jailed for 15 months. The judge said nobody should underrate the seriousness of such offences, which not only impinged on road safety, but also the perpetrators’ liberty. Two drivers were also jailed for four and three months after pleading guilty to offences of falsification. Judge Evans said their mindset was such that they daily put at risk the lives of other road users and the public. A total of 20 drivers pleaded guilty to various offences of falsification. Others were given community punishment orders and fined, and all now have criminal records.

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